Hi, my name is Ronny or better known as pezezzle. I am a one man who dose software development for many years. I always have a big love to computers Since i was a little boy. I started with web design in 2005 with PHP, JavaScript HTML MySQL and so on. Since 2016 i start to build my own apps on Android as Key Receipt, Chattag and more. Since 2019 i work with unity and found my passion in game development and C#. And now? Here i ame.

Game developement and more.

pezezzle made games that no one else does.

  • Birthday: 5 November 1983
  • Website:
  • Phone: you can aske me per mail
  • City: Aargau, CH
  • Age: 37
  • Degree: do i need this?
  • Email: pezezzle(at)
  • Freelance: no, i just work for my own

Game developement is my passion


Here you can see some interesting metrics

Downloads in Appstore Playstore and Windowsstore

Projects avilable on Android Ios and Windows

Hours Of Work in past 4 Years

times of swearing because it dose not work as expected


I learned programming by myself. All skills I have are self-made over many many youtube tutorials, stackoverflow post and other sources, I invested thousands of hours to learn coding

Unity 90%
C# 80%
Java / Android 70%
Photoshop / Affinity 80%
Audio / LMMS 90%


This is my portfolio. You can download the moste apps on Google Play, Apple Appstore or Windows Store.

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  • Web


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


Aarburg Switzerland


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